Carrots instead of a medusa club

The original figurehead Prudence, the model for this figurehead horse, has a medusa club in his hand. I think that’s ok for a figurehead on a war ship, but not for a small horse sculpture, even if it’s inspired by a real figurehead.

I have spent several days thinking of what this horse should have in his hand/hoof. The only thing I knew was that it should not be a medusa club, or a man’s head. That would be too scary. Horses are always very kind and nice. I thought of a bridle, but that was not good either – I think that a horse wants to carry something that he likes – and I guess a horse likes to be free.

So – what do horses like? Well, the answer came natural: Horses like carrots. So I made a bunch of carrots in polymer. As armature I used thin floral wire.

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