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Did you know that the color of the Pacific is the same as Roxen? The same mild, slightly broken blue that becomes duller the closer to the horizon. This is what the Pacific Ocean looks like when you see it from the beach.

But when you are in the middle of the sea it is different. There the water is so incredibly blue that your eyes just do not understand that there can be such a deep blue color.

And amidst all this the giant whales.

Ultimate Whale Watch in Lahini took us on a two-hour whale watching. At this time of year the whales were expected to be a little dull, but wow!!! what a show they gave to us! I think that there were five whales around the boat and on some occasions a whale came up to the boat, stopped for a while at the side and then swam under the boat. It was not whalewatching, but it was the whales that did the people watching.

Exactly what happened down in the deep blue water I do not know for sure, but it may have been several males fighting over a female whale.

It was very difficult to take pictures from a rocking little boat, but I could manage to get some pictures where the fins could be seen..

When we had to leave we said Mahalo to the whales as a thank you for the excellent show, and it was as if they knew and waved back.

At tonight’s workshop there are probably many in our group who want to create whales and nothing else in polymer clay.

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