Heat transfer with Debbie

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This is absolutely extremely fantastic. Right now I’m sitting on the balcony of our cabin. Outside it is almost night. Both the sea and the sky have a stunning deep blue shade that I have to save my heart because I know that the camera is not able to reproduce that low light intensity.

The sky is full of clouds that seem to have been created by Michelangelo. The wind is weak and pleasantly warm. Below me I see the white foam from the cruise ship whirling past and I hear the silent whispering of the waves and the thumping of the big engines rhythmic while the ship gently is rocking its way over the Pacific Ocean.

We have just had dinner and soon we will gather in our conference room for more exploration of all polymer clay possibilities, waiting for the clock to be 10 pm – because at that time she ship will pass the erupting volcano Kilauea.

During the day today, I attended Debbie Crother’s workshop where we learned to use heat transfer decals in different ways.
Many people seem to think I know all about polymer clay. I do not, not at all. Polymer clay is such a versatile material that can be used in so many different ways that you can never be fully learned. One can always learn so much from another because everyone has their own personal way to meet the clay.

Debbie is – in addition to being a very talented polymer clay artists – a very accomplished and pedagogic teacher in a way that makes all students succeed with their respective works in a very positive way.

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