Vikings and Hawaiians

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I am a very social person, everyone who knows me knows that. Therefore they are somwhat puzzled when I draw away to spend time with mys

Especially during such a creatively challenging journey as this is it is important for me to have time to sort out all the impressions.

Some people create while they have their hands on the clay or holding brushes with their fingers. My creative process is a little different. I make most of it in advance and totally in my mind. In my mind I try different techniques, shapes and colors over and over again until I have the whole process totally clear to me. I do not let my hands meet the clay until I have a very visual idea of how the final product will look like.

Today we visited the Hawaiian woodcarver Ben at Makau Nui who makes the most amazing creatures – whales, turtles, sharks and more out of wood. After the demonstration, we went on to the shop where besides the wonderful sculptures also were lots of jewelry and clothing, made in a traditional Hawaiian way.

What struck me – and what my brain right now is fully occupied by – is how similar the traditional Hawaiian patterns are to Viking patterns.

As you understand, I will of course create horses out of this inspiration. I just do not know how. Yest. I just know that I will continue to twist and turn these very pleasant problems a lot in my mind.

Some of the other participants in this journey think I feel lonely when I draw away and become silent. I am not. I am just extremely busy creating. In my mind.

  1. Nicolaou Maria
    | Svara

    I am soooo like you! The mind process is so important! I uave to master a technique or a form with my mind’s hands and eyes firsta
    And getting some alone time after being with a big group of people is always rejuvenating and to me compulsory!!

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