The bless of creating with others

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Something happens to you when you create together with other artists.

First and foremost, it is the supportive community. You know that everyone around you not only want to develop for themselves, but they also want to develop together with you. Everyone rejoices and celebrates everyone’s success. It is quite impossible to fail because even if the end result is not as you intended from the beginning, you will have learned something.

Today was even betterer, because I attended Christie Friesen’s class of leaf gold and sgraffito. Christi is such a warm and sharing personality that really makes everyone succeed in their intentions and work. We used gold leaf on the black clay and carved patterns into it. I created some kind of medallion with an ancient Norse horse.

The other ones in the class made the most wonderful jewelry, but because I wanted my medallion to look ancient, I neither addesd colors or sparkling stones. Instead I made scratches in the gold and tried to make the clay look like it was worn by smudging the gold with my hands.

I really do appreciate the classes that are included in this cruise, because I have the opportunity to explore new techniques that I never would have come to use otherwise.

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