EuroSynergy, part 2 – Sharing and Caring

synergy_01 synergy_02 synergy_03 synergy_05Time passes so quickly here at the EuroSynergy2 in Bordeaux! Already, two of the conference days have elapsed with a lot of shared inspiration and knowledge, and I still have left one day of the conference, one day of workshops and a one day tour to the wine chateaux here in Bordeaux.

So far I have listened to and participated in:
Jeffrey Lloyd Dever ”Stretch – The Journey Toward Artistic Growth” with many interesting thoughts on how to get on in your own personal development. Everything is about daring to leave your comfort zone and test your limits.
Kathleen Dustin discussed in ”Borrow Like An Artist” how to let yourself be inspired by other artists without the feeling you are a thief. All creative work build on what came before. Picasso himself said: ”All art is theft.”
Laura Tabakmans ”Getting Ready To Show” gave a very interesting personal story about her journey as an artist and gave many good tips on how to get on in the art world.
Melanie Muir ”Go Pro Polymer” was a lot about how best to do the business of your creativity, to set goals for what you want to achieve and provided including tips on app Wunderlist.
Christie Friesen gave in ”Selling out without losing your soul” many tips on how to work in social media and particularly on Pinterest, I learned a lot.

Catherine Petitjean made a very interesting presentation on Polymer Clay in Europe – Evolution of Techniques.

Challenge 3D Composition was very interesting and rewarding round table discussions where participants openly shared their difficulties and gave tips on solutions. Truly sharing and caring in the best way and it’s a lot of what this conference is about.

Another example of community within the polymer clay is that one of the major companies in polymer clay Polyform had problems with deliveries. Competitor FIMO came up and helped so Polyform could have their products on the spot when the exhibitions began. That’s what I call coopetition at its best!

This morning I gave a one-hour lecture on creativity entitled ”Creativity Is A Place In Your Heart”. I was overwhelmed by the positive response I got. It was also very satisfying to understand that all our lectures combined so well and that we completed each others in very inspiring ways.

And I won first price in the category ”Mixed Media” at IPCAs international competition 2015 for my ”Midnight Dress”.

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