EuroSynergy2, part 1 – Bordeaux, baby!

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bordeaux_01 bordeaux_02Today I arrived in Bordeaux. It was almost 30 degrees C and sunny. As you can see in the photo lots of kids were playing in the Water Mirror.

I am so happy it is so easy to get out in the world when you have such a well-functioning international airport that we have in Linkoping City Airport. No long queues at check-in and security and super professional and friendly reception everywhere. A small leap to Amsterdam with KLM Cityhopper and then a small leap from Amsterdam to Bordeaux, also with a Cityhopper make travelling quick and easy.

The EuroSynergy2 conference will not start until tomorrow, but a lot of polymer clay artists had come to the hotel today so we had a wonderful dinner together with dear friends that hadn’t seen each other for a long time. That brought lots of laughs, hugs and good stories.

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