The Atomic Horse – part 8 – FINISHED!

atom_33 atom_34 atom_35 atom_36 atom_37 atom_38 atom_39 atom_40 atom_41In the last blog post about this Mosebacke Horse I wrote:

Maybe you thought the Atomic Horse was finished?

You were wrong. It isn’t.

The problem was that the horse was too soft. It fell together.

Now I have been thinking about this problem for quite a long time. After a while I understood that I needed something that could make the horse more stable, to keep it standing without falling.

One day I had found one solution: I took a thin dowel rod of wood, covered it with black clay and put it inside the horse to stop it from falling. But a rod inside a horse looks quite strange, so I decided to make it even more stranger. I created a set of small, manlike figures that climbed up the rod and all over the horse. At the first glance you do not see them, but when you take a closer look you can see them crawling all over the horse, making it look even bigger as they are so small.

Why are they there? What are they doing?

Maybe you can help me find out? Maybe there are many answers to that question? One thing I am sure of: These small clay persons are the ones that helped the Atomic Horse to eventually get finished!

So now you can see this very proud horse molecule created of atoms of “horsium”, trottium”, “equestrium” and “galoppium”.

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