EuroSynergy2, part 3 – Gala Dinner and Workshop with Melanie West

synergy_11 synergy_15 synergy_14 synergy_12 synergy_10 synergy_09 synergy_08 synergy_07 synergy_06In the third day of EuroSynergy2 i first listened to Loretta Lams very interesting presentation on Intentional Design – how to find and get balance in a lot of aspects when you are creating jewelry. One interesting aspect is that a piece of jewelry is never an art piece of itself – you must always have in mind that someone will carry it and be a part of the design.

Georg Dinkel is totally crazy. And he is a genius. His presentation on his HOLY POLY XXL left us all breatless. You MUST click on the link with his name and be prepared to be totally swept away!

On the evening the third day we had the big Gala Dinner. With a live auction, with the wonderful Christi Friesen as the auctioneer. I am so happy that the Balancing Foal brought 200€ and Reflection brought 375€ to the IPCA organization.

In  the fourth day I participated in Melanie Wests very inspiring workshop Stretching the Boundaries of Beauty where we all tried to make ”ugly” things to see the beauty in the ugly, also called jolie-laide. One fantastic thing was the Google translation app. Some of the participants could not understand English, but when Melanie spoke slowly their mobiles translated her spoken voice into text on the screens. Modern technology at its best!

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