A Newborn Foal, part 2

The preliminaryh shape of the head
The legs should be long.
These will be ears.
Nepal Wool, This will be mane and tail.

In the previous blog post, you could see how I created the basic shape and proportions of the little foal. To me it is the easy part, because I have been practising art for such a long time so shapes and proportions come naturally to me, I do not almost have to think on how and what I make.

Next is the hard part, giving the colt its unique personality. This will be a sculpture that is pretty close to reality, and moreover I have a genuine model I want the result to look like. I spend much time creating the head, because the head is a very important part of a sculpture and one of the first parts to look as as a viewer. Because it is a foal, it has just like any other young child a head that is large compared to the rest of the body. I also want the heads posture to show that the colt is both curious and a little cocky. It’s a small stud …

Finally, I added the white markings on the head, just as on the model. It is a very time-consuming job, when you work in this size as little as half a millimeter can be the difference between perfection and catastrophe.

Det svarta fölet får sin ”päls”Fortsättning på när jag skulpterar ett litet föl. Nu får den lille sin svarta ”päls”.

Publicerat av Mosebacke Hästskulpturer den 15 juni 2016

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