A Newborn Foal, Part 3: The Pattern

The sketch for the pattern and the setup for a red-to-white skinner blend
This I how I put the colors for the skinner blend together
The red/white skinner blend on the pasta machine.
Another skinner blend for the pattern. This time from black to blue to white.
Before I roll the skinner blends I roll them out with a very thin setting on the pasta machine.
The triangular cane, just a little bit reduced.
The cane is now chopped into eight pieces.

Now that the foal’s body has got its final shape, it is time to create the pattern that it will place on its body.

For this little guy I want to do something called a caleidoscope cane, it is called so because the design has a caleidoscope effect.

Technically, this is done by making a triangle containing one eighth of the pattern. Then I reduces it, and after that I put the eight pieces together so it becomes like a picture in a caleidoscope.

I have also reduced the final pattern in several different sizes. Thus, I have the same pattern pretty big on the rear of the foal and much smaller on the front part of the horse, while all the patterns are showing the exact same information. When the patterns are ready, I slice them very thin, about 0.5 mm, and place them in on the small body.

In the film at the bottom of this page I show the different steps in the creation of patterns.

Tomorrow you will get to meet the finished foal. 🙂

Det lilla svarta fölet får sitt mönster

Publicerat av Mosebacke Hästskulpturer den 18 juni 2016

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