The Newborn Foal is finished!

föl_21 föl_22 föl_23 föl_24 föl_25Today is a very special day. Today is the day when the newborn foal will come out and face the world.

To create this foal has been among the most exciting thing I’ve done. As always, when I get an idea, it is about a lot of doubt in my thoughts. Will I be able to create it? Will I succeed meeting with my expectations and my hopes?

My Mosebacke Horse Sculptures are not something done on a conveyor belt. Each horse sculpture comes from a unique idea, and is made by hand in a unique way.

I put on a lot of personal challenges in each creation. It can be about many different kinds of challenges, sometimes technical, where I develop new techniques and sometimes purely artistic in which I am trying to create a particular expression.

As for this little foal the big challenge was to get it to look exactly like what it is. A very cute newborn foal. Many Mosebacke Horse Sculptures means that I interpret the expression for ”horse” quite freely, but for this little colt is was about keeping very close to the natural expression.

It was very fun and exciting to create this little sculpture. And I myself think that it really looks like a foal. Hope that it will have a good life with its new owner, whoever it is. First to get to the online store will get it.

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