A steel wire armature for a polymer clay hose sculpture

A red horse – Part 1

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This time my aim is to create a big, friendly, fat horse with sturdy legs. Welcome to follow my blog in the next weeks to see how the horse develops. The main color of this horse will be red.

Steel wire and pliers to create the "skeleton" of a horse
Yes, this is the start of a polymer clay horse. Like all other horses it needs to have a skeleton. I make it in 1,5 mm steel wire. Can you identify what will be the four legs? And the head and back?
Disposable gloves and Apoxie Sculpt
To make the skeleton/armature really stable, I use a modeling compound called Apoxie Sculpt. I use disposable gloves to protect my skin when I mix the two parts of this compound.
Steel wire armature for a horse sculture and Apoxie Sculpt
Now you can ”see” the horse, can’t you? As the Apoxie Sculpt adheres very well to the steel wire this will be a very strong and reliable armature to build the rest of the horse around. Ordinary masking tape is used to hold the legs in place until the armature has hardened.

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