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A red horse – Part 2 – Now a Spring Flower Horse!

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When I create a horse, I usually spend hours of planning before I even touch the clay.

First of all, I have to figure out what I want the sculpture to say and convey. Then comes the technical part where I think through different possibilities and impossibilities, what combinations of colors I want to use, how I should solve different technical problems and so on.

So when I opened my clay packages to create this horse, I was fully concentraded on a large and stable horse with an exciting red pattern that would sort of run down over the horse’s body.

A Spring Flower Horse instead

But shortly after I started creating, something happened. Maybe it was the spring with all its flowers that came to me with the inspiration. In any case, I no longer saw a horse with an exciting red pattern in front of me. I saw a horse that was completely covered in flowers!

So now I have a LOT of work ahead of me. It usually takes many, many hours to create a horse sculpture, but this one will take many, many, many, many hours because it takes so much time to create each flower separately.

I hope it’s worth all the the work. That’s what’s so exciting about creating, I can never be really sure if the final sculpure will be as I intended or if it wants to be something else.

Read more about this horse in my upcomin blog posts!

Follow the process of creating one flower:

One magenta flower in polymer clay
First I create a little flower in polymer clay. The tool you see is used to create structure on the petals.
drilling in polymer clat
Then I drill a small hole.
small pieces of bamboo
I use small pieces of bamboo skewers to secure the flowers onto the horse’s body.
polymer clay flowers and a little piece of bamboo
Here you can see the little piece of bamboo that I have put in the hole I drilled.
fimo liquid clay
I use liquid clay as ”glue” so that the flower really will stick to the little piece of bamboo.
a white polymer clay flower and a cutting blade
I use a cutting blade to carefully transfer the flower to the horse.
Polymer clay flowers
This is what a belly of a horse can look like 🙂

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