Tavla med betande hästar med dimma i bakgrunden

Painting: Grazing Horses – Finished!

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Can you imagine anything more healing to your soul than watching grazing horses? In this painting I have combined several details that I love a lot – the dawn where the first rays of the sun paint the trees with gold, the autumn that gives peace after an intense summer, the fog that adds magic and of course the grazing horses that convey beauty, peace and life.

WIP - painting wih grazing horses
Here the horses start to appear as individuals, and the trees has got more branches and twigs.

WIP - painting with grazing horses
The grass gets more color and more details.

WIP - painting with grazing horses
The sunrays are coming in. When you paint with acrylics, the highlights are the hardest ones, because acrylics darken when they dry. So you do not really see what you paint. You have to wait for the result and then paint the hightlights over and over again, until you are satisfied with their brightness.

WIP - painting of grazing horses.
Even more highlights – especially in the trees, also the fog gets to be more intense.

Tavla med betande hästar med dimma i bakgrunden
Here is the finished painting – I had some wonderful weeks painting it.

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