I am so happy

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Today is a fantastic day. Why, do you probably ask. Has anything in particular happened?

My answer is no, nothing special has happened. And perhaps that is precisely why this day is so fantastic. I realize how lucky I am. I am living at one of our planet’s most beautiful places – Östra Harg – amidst the wonderful Swedish early summer.

Today the sun is shining and it’s a really comfortable temperature, about 24 degrees. To be in the countryside in the early summer is like being in the middle of a joy explosion of flowers and greenery, accompanied by thousands of singing birds who all have made a long and dangerous journey to Sweden to spend the summer here. Why do the birds come here? Because summer nights are long and bwith a very special light. The birds can gather food for their young ones for a longer period of the day.

It is not only the Swedish summer that makes me happy. I am also so grateful that I have been drawing a winning ticket in the lottery of life beeing born here in Sweden. I live in a country that is not at war. I do not need to escape from the horrors of war. I can say what I want without having to be afraid to go to jail for it. I do not need to be afraid that my family could be subjected to torture. All swedes have received free education and if I get some kind of disease or illness, I know that healthcare will take care of me. Me and my family live in our own large country house on our own land. We have cats and chickens and we can grow our own vegetables. I have an interesting job and the whole family is healthy.

It is not everyone who has it this good. Therefore, I am a steady monthly donor to several charity organizations and I hope that I by that may be able to help at least some other people to a better life.

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