20: Thursdays

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My Thursday evenings are always dedicated to horses. But not horses at my studio table. Every Thursday I go to Rappestad Ridskola (riding stable) to hang out with good friends on both two and four legs. Rappestad Ridskola is unique in many ways, but what I appreciate is the friendly environment in which you are taken good care of – both as a horse and as a human being. The horses are truly amazing, well-educated and safe. This makes it possible for you as a rider to evolve about how far you want, no matter you ride on the riding stable’s horses or on your own horse.

In my group we are ten people at the eight o’clock class on Thursday nights. But we meet earlier than that, just to hang around, talk to each other and to prepare our horses for the evening’s class. The class itself is like an hour of meditation combined with hard work. You are so incredibly focused on yourself and on the communication with the horse that you shut out all other thoughts, you almost do not even realize that there are several other horses in the arena so all the time you are in your own bubble.

After the class, everyone takes care of her own horse before we make sure that even the other forty horses get food and anything they need for the rest of the night. After that we get together for ”fika” for several hours – and there are many exciting stories we tell each other, both from the world of horses and people.
No wonder I’m sometimes tired in Friday mornings! 😊

This is a December calendar with brief views in alphabetical order throughout advent, over Christmas and until New Year’s Eve. Every day is a new word.
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