12: Limits

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 As an artist, you work completely without limits, and to me it is very much like that with polymer clay. It’s such a versatile material that I would go crazy if I gave myself the opportunity to explore all of its possibilities because they are truly unlimited.
In polymer clay, you can make jewelry, you can make sculptures, you can make mosaics, you can make canes, you can paint it, you can make everyday articles – yes you can do pretty much anything, both big and small stuff. And you can combine it with a lot of other techniques and materials.
A good example of size is how 300 polymer clay artists recently created a whole forest togetherAn example in the small scale is that you can make small pastries to your dollhouse if you like.
Therefore, I have given myself limitations in my relation to the polymer clay. I am creating horses, and only horses. It gives me boundaries that prevents me from being completely paralyzed in my creativity with of all the possibilities that dance around in my head. I have given myself the task of translating all the ideas and inspiration I get into the concept of ”horse”. Then – as you know who follows me – a horse can look like anything 😊
This is a December calendar with brief views in alphabetical order throughout advent, over Christmas and until New Year’s Eve. Every day is a new word.
I am very interested in your thoughts on these subjects. Please share them in the comments field below. <3

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