It’s all about horses at Synergy4 in August

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Now it’s only about a month until I leave Sweden for the big American polymer clay conference Synergy4, where I’ll make a presentation called ”It’s All About Horses”.

The first day of the conference begins with a presentation of the amazing project ”Into the Forest” where a lot of polymer clay artists from around the world have contributed. Me too, of course … 🙂

In the afternoon I will have my presentation where I will present the Scandinavian polymer clay community and talk about my personal development as a Swedish polymer clay artist, showing my sources of inspiration and how I created some of my pieces of art.
I will also discuss my interesting upcoming collaboration with Swedish ceramist Xanna Åkervinda and of course show my contribution to ”Into the Forest”.

I am very pleased that my presentation is on the first day, because then I do not need to be nervous anymore and can spend the rest of the conference enjoying the program, learning as much as possible and networking with interesting people. I plan to blog and be active on social media every day of the conference.

  • Is there anything you would like me to tell more about during my presentation?
  • Is there something special that you want me to find out or blog about during the conference?

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