The white horse, part 3

mamma_03After forming the body in aluminum foil, I covered it with white polymer clay of about 5 mm thickness. At the same time I carefully created the final shape of the mare with special attention to the head as it is the part of the scupture that speaks the most. The horse’s forlegs  are shaped like ”arms” that eventually will hold a small horse, a foal.

This is the part of creating I like the most.  This is the part of the work when you get the feeling that your ambitions and your dreams come to life. This is when the piece of art starts to talk to you, telling you how it wants to be shaped, what colors you should use and what it thinks about your artwork.

It is often said that art is a wordless communication between the audience and the artist, but I believe that art also is the communication between he artist and the piece of art.

When the body of the white horse had the shape that we can agree about, I made the wire skeleton for the foal, and placed it in the arms of the mare.

She liked it and smiled to me: ”You may continue creating”.

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