The first Mosebacke Horse 2016

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jan_02For the moment I am very busy, working on a novel, but of course I still have time for some polymer clay work.

Here you can follow the work with the first Mosebacke Horse this year. It will be a fine-legged and very proud horse with canes in blue and brown colors.

As always I start with a sketch. Even if I have a clear picture in my head of how the horse will look like, I think it is very helpful to have a sketch to get the right size, the right motion and the right dimensions. After that it is time to make the armature, the ”skeleton” of the horse. As the clay is quite soft, and softens even more during curing, an armature is absolutely necessary. I make it of steel wire, and sometimes I also use aluminum foil to make it easier for the clay to adhere to the armature.

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