Covering the armature with clay

When the armature has got the right dimensions I cover it with polymer clay. This horse will later have a ”skin” of polymer clay canes with complex patterns, so the clay I use to make the shape can be of any color. I often use scrap clay, that is clay from left-over canes from other projects. This time I used clay that was almost white.

In the photo you can see how the horse looks like when it just has been covered in clay, I have not made so much about the shape yet. The sheet in the upper left is the sheet of white clay I used. To make these sheets artists use pasta machines. A pasta machine is one of the most important tools for a polymer clay artist. You use it for conditioning the clay, for making different kinds of color blends and for making sheets of a specific thickness. In the picture you can also see a red tool I use for smoothing the clay and a small knife for cutting the clay.

In the next blog post you will be able to follow how I create the canes that will form the pattern on this horse.

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