The Atomic Horse Part 7 – Trouble

Maybe you thought the Atomic Horse was finished?

You were wrong. It isn’t.

I tried to make the horse entirely out of polymer clay. Now I realize that the clay is too soft, even when it is cured. The body of the horse cannot carry itself. And when the body falls together, the entire horse falls together. I tried to spray the horse with clear laquer, hoping it would stabilize it. It did, but not enough. Now the horse is leaning against a wall in my studio while I am desperately trying to find out some way to solve this problem.

I have many ideas, and maybe I will try to place some kind of pillar inside the horse to stabilize it. Maybe I will find another solution.

When I have solved the problem, I will show you what the solution looks like. But it may take some time… Keep your fingers crossed!

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