I love to hold creativity workshops!

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This weekend I arranged a creativity workshop where all eight participants were working in polymer clay. And all eight persons made completely individual and in completely different ways amazing things.

I believe that most people have the creativity within, but that they forget it during school. All small children can draw and paint in the most amazing ways. Until they start school. Among the first things they learn is that they ”can not” draw and paint. And I think many of them believe that for the rest of their lives.

But I do not think it must be like that. I think that the joy of creativity remains. In the workshops that I organize I do my best to help the participants to find their own way to express themselves.

And they really do! Just look at  this photo showing the participants fabulous creations in completely different shapes and colors. What unites them is the joy of creation!

Click here to see more pictures from my polymer clay creativity workshop, 23 April 2016. (The next workshop in June is already fully booked, but the further next will be held in September.)

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