Ser fram emot Eurosynergy

I månadsskiftet april/maj ska jag åka på min första Synergy-konferens. Det är en (den!!!) världskonferensen för alla som arbetar i Polymer Clay med föreläsare från den absoluta världstoppen. Jag har höga förväntningar, och när jag läser följande inlägg från konferensens Facebooksida ökar mina förväntningar ytterligare.

Ronna Sarvas Weltman:
”I’ve made life-long friends from Synergy. It feels like one big party that also offers so much to learn and see and touch and contemplate (oh … and buy … but let’s not talk about that). Usually I shy away from large events, but Synergy is different. Maybe it’s because the polymer clay community is so happy to help and support each other. It’s all about sharing.”

Adriana Ayala – Clay Cat Shop:
“Why? What is Synergy?” My friends ask me, after they learn that I will be traveling all the way to Malta from California, to attend the 2014 Euro Synergy conference. For me, Synergy is the ”Professional gathering for serious clay artists” where you ignite your inner fire and come back home inspired to be your best! In my opinion this conference is to the Polymer Clay Art world what How Design Conference is to the Design community. Synergy covers and has everything relevant to enhance your career and make you reach for the stars. From business tips & advice, to the latest trends, experiments, and tools while in a fun & relaxed ambiance, where you meet new and old friends, wonderful artists, authors & teachers. Yes, Synergy is for me the one event I will try to go every time!”

Cara Jane Hayman:
”I went to synergy for the first time last year and I really didn’t know quite what to expect. From the very first minute I was amazed by how friendly and welcoming everyone was – and I mean everyone! It was wonderful to see some of the amazing polymer pieces I had been admiring in photographs online up close in the gallery. We chatted endlessly about polymer and had a lot of laughs. Its a very special thing and very inspiring to be surrounded by so many people who share your passion. I learnt a lot both from the seminars and the converstations at breakfast. I made some great friends, friends who’ve been to visit from across the world, friends I know I will visit. Can’t wait to go back to do it all again!”

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