Say hello to About Round!

And here he is – About Round!

In the last blog post you could see that he was painted almost black with acrylic paint. Now I have sanded and washed the little horse so now he is more or less white again, but the paint have helped to see the structure. That gives more life to the sculpture.

I especially love the face of this horse. I have spent a lot of time and love to shape the expression, and I really like the result! In fact, I love all my horses. To create a horse is a little bit of having a new baby – you spend a lot of time with it, thinking about it, caring about it, doing your very best with it – and suddenly it is finished and ready to find its own way in life.

Stroppel Canes on the neck and back
Horse shoes in real silver

Hope you will find a good future owner, little horse! <3round_18 round_19

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