Polymer Clay and Mosebacke Horse Sculptures in local newspaper Corren today

Today the local newspaper Corren had a full page article about me and my polymer clay horse sculptures. The result has been a wonderful start of the day with a lot of positive comments in social media.

The article is about that I am quite unknown in Sweden, despite major international awards and attention. Probably it is so because the polymer clay is a hitherto relatively unknown artist material, which makes it a bit more difficult for the viewer to see the art in it. When I, for example, paint in oil, I simply say: ”This is an oil painting” and the viewer says ”ok” and can devote himself to the study of the piece of art. When I say ”This is a sculpture in polymer clay,” the viewer rather says ”What is it?” and the material itself becomes an obstacle to the understanding of sculpture as a piece of art. I hope I can – including this article – contribute to greater understanding and increased public interest in this form of artistic expression!

People from everywhere have today been in touch with me giving encouraging and warm comments, which makes me so happy and inspired. When I meet people who like my art I grow and develop. Now I hope to get more cooperations with art galleries and other people interested in both art and horses.

I usually say that I have two main types of people who like my sculptures – ”The Horse People” who like when I do quite lifelike horses, often portraits of real horses where I enhance the horses’ different characteristics and personality. The second type is the ”The Art People” who do not have quite the same deep relationship with the horse, but like when I play a little freer in form and expression.

I am a member of the Institute of Equine Artists to collaborate with other equestrian artists and also a member of International Polymer Clay Association to collaborate with other polymer clay artists.

One thing that I often do when I go to museums, galleries and art exhibitions is to look for horses in the art. And mostly you can find them, they are there, both in new and old art. The man and the horse have a long history together.

Want to see more Mosebacke Horse Sculptures? Click on ”Portfolio” in the top menu. Do you have a horse you love and want as a sculpture? Contact me.

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