June Polymer Clay Workshop

Today I teached a workshop of a slightly different kind. Most of the participants were used to working with clay, but  with the usual pottery clay. They came along with their pottery teacher to find out how it was to work with polymer clay, and it was very rewarding to follow how they gradually discovered the possibilities offered by the polymer clay.

As an introduction I showed some YouTube films about the basic techniques; how to make a skinner blend and how to build complex canes in a simple way by using rolls that have been created from skinner blends. Then I showed and explained how to use the very important tool, the pasta machine, and then it was time for the participants to start creating. It was noticeable that there was a new dimension added, because a great deal of thoughts were needed to understand in which direction to build canes.

During lunch, our canes were resting in the refrigerator. After that it was time to slice them before attaching them on different surfaces. Several of the participants chose to make a personalized coffee cup and some chose to put them on the outside of a small glass bowl. All these objects turned out in the most fantastic way to the participants delight.

After that, there were of course some left of the canes, so we started making beads and other jewelry. Some small and lovely figures were also created – and I got a little elf as a gift!

It is always so exciting to see the participants’ development – especially those who have not been working with polymer clay before. Most people are accustomed to thinking in three dimensions, but when it comes to building canes – especially caleidioscope canes – it is much more difficult. I think it is because you are creating a two-dimensional pattern, but in a three dimensional way!

Thats why it is so important to try out for yourself, to experience the moment of magic, when you understand how you can combine clay in different ways and colors and enjoy the fantastic designs. It’s so fun to see the joy of the participants when they succeed – because they always do! To be a part of their delight and feel their pride in the awesome creations.

Click here to see more photos from this wonderful workshop!

Do you want to attend a polymer clay workshop at Mosebacke Horse Sculptures? Send an email to evamarie.tornstrom@mosebackeord.se. Probably I will have two or three workshop in the autumn of 2016.

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