Roxen Moonlight Dress, part 10 – Finished!

moonlight_42 moonlight_43 moonlight_44 moonlight_45 moonlight_46

Finally – after many hours of work the Roxen Moonlight Dress was ready. In the photos you can follow how I used rubber thread to fasten the circles, how I sew the dress in black fabric, how I attached the circles to the dress.

Now I have a black dress with my beloved Lake Roxen. A Roxen in moonlight, with a sky with constellations of Swarovski stones, with glitter in the water, with three horses on the beach and three horses flying in front of the moon. And with the northern lights behind everything, because I painted an area of the dress with green fabric paint.

I sent the dress as an entry to the 2015 International Polymer Clay Awards. It is the largest international competition for contemporary polymer art. To my surprise I won the class Applicant Artist: Mixed Media – Both Judges and Members’ Choice.

Read more about the creation of the dress in the previous blog posts.

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