The Atomic Horse, part 1

Scrap clay from one of my workshops. In this way this special horse will always remind me of this special workshop and the wonderful participants.
I rolled out the clay and cit it into small pieces. These pieces were rolled into balls = ”atoms”
The first ”atom” is placed on the horse.
Two atoms…
Now it is eastier to understand that the black clay symbolizes the bonds between the atoms.

Several times, I have tried to create a horse out of my vison of an atomic horse, and several times I have failed.

Now I will try one more time. The last time. If I don’t make it this time, I will never ever try again.

I started with a body in papier maché. Onto that I placed black clay in strings, symbolizing bonds between atoms.

There are atoms of different kinds on this horse. I think there are ”horsium”, trottium”, ”equestrium” and ”galoppium”.

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