Crazy Dala Horses

The Dala Horse with its kurbits pattern is one of the symbols of Sweden. Thus, it is especially fun to play with it, to see if you can bring something different and new to the concept. When it comes to kurbits patterns it is not only permissible, but even desirable, to experiment and develop them.

As you can see, I chose to do two horses in one single sculpture. They are opposites in many ways;
– Red and Blue
– Cold and hot
– Sad and happy
– Downward and upward direction and movement
– Introvert and extrovert

At the same time, they have much in common:
– Horses
– Dala Horses
– Kurbits Pattern
– Traditional Swedish colors

Take a moment and think about what this particular sculpture tells you about existential oppositions.

This also actually a snapshot. What do you think happened before this moment? Why has the red horse decided to take this leap? Did it want to liven up, make trouble or has it something else in mind?

And what will happen in the next moment …?

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