New book – Polymer Journeys 2016

The cover of Polymer Journeys
Publishing and curatorial support for this project from The Polymer Arts Magazine
Georg Dinkel – one of the artists
EvaMarie Törnström and Natalie Garcia de Leaniz – two of the artists

I am so proud! I am one of 108 artists from all over the globe that have been chosen for the first edition of Polymer Clay Journeys – The Art & Craft of Polymer.

”These artists primarily stand out because of their constant exploration, their pursuit of excellence and their innovation. These artists have such a particular voice, one that is disengaged from the style and approach of all other polymer artists but, more than that, they have a recognizable originality within the realm of craft art that transcends the recognition of the medium.”

You can order your copy of Polymer Journeys (Print Edition or Digital Edition) by clicking here.

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