I am one of the speakers at EuroSynergy2 in Bordeaux next year!

Next year, Juli 10-13, in Bordeaux, France, EuroSynergy2 will take place. It is an extremely inspiring conference for polymer clay artists from all over the world.

You can see the full program and register here: http://eurosynergyconference.net/programmeen/

This is my presentation: Creativity is a place in your heart

Since neither polymer nor creativity has any limits the combination offers extreme possibilities! In my presentation I will take the audience on a journey into different ways to find their own, unique and personal creativity. I will talk about my own artistic career and show various milestones (one is of course my first meeting with polymer clay).

It is very rare to come up with something that is absolutely new in all aspects. Creativity is the ability to make something new out of things (or ideas) that already exist, by combining and using them in a new way.

I am only part-time artist – I am also the Director of Communications at one of Sweden’s most creative places – Mjärdevi Science Park in Linköping, Sweden, the city where ideas come to life. I am a skilled presentator, used to adapt my presentations to the current audience.

My presentation will be very visual, with both photos and videos. I will show examples from my own work, environments and things that have inspired me and point out where you can recognize it in my art. I will also talk about the techniques that I use, and thereby also mention a little about serendipity – how mistakes can lead to new opportunities and possibilities.

I am also a part of the makerspace movement – at the moment active in the forming of Linköping MakerSpace – a meeting place for creative people of all kinds, including artisans and technicians. One of my goals for the coming year is to work with engineers to develop some kind of wearables that include both polymer clay and electronics in a useful way. In my presentation I will include a lot of photos from this collaboration, showing how creative people can create wonderful things across different boundaries.

Hope to see you in Bordeaux!

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