Overworked – but now I’m back!

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If you follow this blog, you might have noticed that it has not been any blog posts for about a month. The reason for this is that I showed serious signs of being overworked. I decided, in consultation with my doctor, to listen to these warnings and to take a time-out.

I think that this maybe is among the wisest things I have done in my life. You see – when you are overworked and you are on your way to be hit by burnout, you do not understand it because your brain adjusts to the situation. I guess it is so because during the prehistoric era, it was important that you kept on struggling even if there were looooong winters and famine. Those who did not give up survived.

I think every person that has been overworked has her own way of coming back to evry-day life. I have had a couple of weeks of just resting, a couple of weeks of active rehabilitation with focusing, meditation, mindfulness and so on as chronic stress can damage your brain, a couple of weeks (mostly alone) in the Rockies and now a couple of weeks when I am doing my very best to get started with work again – a fresh start – in my own way.

I am so thankful that I had the art and the creativity so close to me and that I have been able to use them for recovery. As you will se in some coming blog posts I have even taken up drawing again!

In the next blogposts I will tell you more about what suited me best as recovery, combined with photos from things I created and of course photos from my one week visit to the Rocky Mountains.

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