Blue Volcano, part 3

P1140958 The head is always a very important part of a horse. The look of the head determines much of the expression of the horse. Among the very first thing a viewer looks at is the horse’s head.

Therefore, I must always decide how the horse’s head should look. Some horses that I create have a very stylized head, roughly a triangular shape with a pair of eyes. On other horses I put a lot of care in making such a lifelike head as possible.

What type of head I decide to make depends on how stylized the rest of the horse is. If the horse is so stylized that the body almost does not resemble a horse’s body, it is important to make a lifelike head to emphasize that this really is a horse.

For this horse, the Blue Volcano, I choose to do something in between. It will be a fairly stylized head, without either mouth or nostrils, but I will try to get a bit more of life in it. I think it in this way will make just enough contrast to the rest of the horse that I plan to do quite restrained and austere.

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