I want to be in the creative space all the time

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omyogaIn the January issue of the magazine OMyoga, I read an article on Cameron Shayne who fuses yoga, martial arts, nutrition, philosophy, life coaching and meditaion in his Budokon brand. He said: ”I love being in a creative space all the time”.

And that phrase immediately put me in some kind of jealous state. I also want to be in the creative space. All the time. Or at least almost all the time. But I can’t because of a lot of other thing in life that I have to take care of.

Well – is that true? My four kids are now in their twenties, they have left home and my husband really should be able to take care of himself. Maybe he should give me more help and attention in order to give me more creative time. My ordinary work is only ten hours a day, if you include travelling time and lunch. If I sleep about eight hours that would give me  six full hours a day to be creative.

To be in the creative space.


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