Focus on your creative feelings

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Of course you can operate your artistic business in a traditional commercial way. But there are some things that (at least for me) differ from an ordinary business. In ordinary businesses you have goals, many of them about performance goals. When you create a product you mostly consider how profitable it will be, how much you should earn for every item sold. You want to find a product that attracts as many people as possible.

I you try to use this thoughts when creating art, it seldom becomes art, but something else instead. You have cut your artistic ambitions and instead focused on money and merchantability.

So my main advice to enhance creativity is to listen to yourself and your own feelings. What do you want to create? Create your goal in terms of feelings – how do you want to feel during creation and what feeling do you want to have when the piece of art is finished?   Aim for that goal and discover what your own and true creativity can do for you.

It may not give you instant money – but it will give you art.

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