WIP painting

Painting: Grazing horses, part 1

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This is a pasture nearby. It is located near the magical lake Roxen, and one day last autumn when I passed by, the low fog had created a fantastic scene where it wrapped the trees. I picked up my phone and took a picture. By then, I already knew that I wanted to develop this as a painting.

Now I have started on it.

Even if you have a photo to start from and to look at, a painting will never be an exact image. A painting is an interpretation of how I as a painter see things, so even though I have a photo, I use the photo mostly as just inspiration. For example, there were no horses in the pasture when I took the photo. But I promise, I will place some grazing horses there. Later.

In my next blog post, the fog will roll in…

WIP painting
First, I cover the canvas with a layer of paint. As you can see, I choose mostly earthy colors, and going more to blue in the centre of the canvas, where most of the ”action” will happen. You will probably not see this layer in the finished painting, but it will still be there under the other layers of color, giving the painting a special depth.
Now, you can imagine the forest in the background, and some of the important objects in the overall composition.
The sky is important, this is the first layer with sky colors.
Here I have added more color – both red and blue – to the sky. Now it is more bright and is really a background to everything else on the canvas. You can also see a small ”island” in the middle of the pasture.
Here, the ”island” has grown in size. And you can also guess that it will have trees on it.

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