Hästskulptur i polymerlera

Lighthouse – lights up your life

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I have often been told that my horses provide comfort and light up life in difficult situations.

Hästskulptur i polymerleraThat makes me so happy and thankful – because that is a proof that I have managed to transfer the magical properties from a living horse to my horse sculptures. It is not everyone who is lucky to have real, living horses around them all the time.

With these healing properties in mind I created Lighthouse – the horse that lights up your life. It has a golden shimmer that shows you there is something special about this very horse, and when you look at her (yes, it’s a female horse) face you understand the calm and the happiness that she sends to you.

Hästskulptur i polymerleraHästskulptur i polymerlera Hästskulptur i polymerleraAnd it can actually light up your darkness as well. Place a small battery-powered candle inside the sculpture and it becomes an exciting lantern.

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