Which places are best for your creativity?

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You have probably already found out that there are places where you feel more close to your creativity than in other places. You often go to these places to find and nurture your creativity, but one day it does not seem to work any more. It feels like the place has been drained of creativity.

And probably it has. Every time you went back to that special place you found som new kind of inspiration. But it is very hard to be inspired by exactly the same environment for a long time. Som when you get the feeling that one place is not so inspirational any more – find another place!

Or even better – have a lot of places where you can find inspiration and choose the one that best suits yourself and your purposes for each moment. One very creative challenge is to go to a place that you consider as NOT inspirational – and try to find inspiration and creativity from that place. Maybe you will find that this place was the best – you just had to try a little more.

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