This is what you should do to enhance inspiration: Visit Prague

pragI have been on an inspirational trip to Prague in the Czech Republic for five days and now I am overwhelmed with inspiration. I hardly know what to do about it and where to start. The city of Prague shows the most amazing architecture and history you can imagine and it also has a wide range of very good craft shops and art galleries. The Czech artists are really amazing!

Somewhere I read a quote like: ”When I see something beautiful, I do not want to own it, I want to know what it felt like to create it”. That explains my feelings concerning all the magnificent art I saw in Prague during these days. I will be very busy in the coming weeks, trying to translate this inspiration into different kinds of Mosebacke Horses.

Interested in what I saw in Prague? Here are links to my Fb-albums:
Horses in Prague
Prague, July 2015

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