2: Blue

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When I was a little girl, my mother told me that there was a special blue color that was my blue color. We often bought clothes for me in that blue color, and in my early paintings I often used this very special blue color.

Then I grew up, and during my development both as an artist and in my ordinary life, I was struck by a whole lot of other colors that I studied and tried to understand in different ways. Since I live in the countryside, I have been very interested in earthly pigments and how different green colors work together. This led to the red colors, which are so incredibly important in nature’s own color scales – even in the green, although many people do not think so.

EvaMarie_blueAnd so – less than a year ago – I found my way back to the blue. It started with a sudden idea. In fact I was quite nervous when I asked my hair stylist to color my hair blue. What would happen? Should I be excluded from the community and called a strange person? Well, I thought, I could at least refer to the fact that I am an artist and artists are expected to do strange things.

Nothing negative happened.

Coloring my hair blue is the single thing in my life that I have received most compliments for. In shops and restaurants, in the workplace, by people I know and by completely unknown people. Once, a woman stopped her car on the street, opened the window and shouted to me: ”I love your hair!”

This hair has also made me experiment more with the blue color in my own creations. Among other things, several of my Mosebacke Horse Sculptures are now bluer than ever!

And I love it!

Which are your color favorites? Is there a color that speaks more to you than othet colors? What do you think about the color blue?

This is a December calendar with brief views in alphabetical order throughout advent, over Christmas and until New Year’s Eve. Every day is a new word. I am very interested in your thoughts on these subjects. Please share them in the comments field below. <3

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