1: Art

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This is a December calendar with brief views in alphabetical order throughout advent, over Christmas and until New Year’s Eve. Every day is a new word.
I am very interested in your thoughts on these subjects. Please share them in the comments field below. <3


What is art? I think it is one of the most difficult and still important questions to me as an artist. It is something I think of almost every day. It is virtually impossible to define what art is because it is in the eyes of the observer or participant. What I perceive as art, and even very good art, you may not at all consider art at all.

Many people like design, but not art. To me it’s very hard to see the difference. I experience designs with the same feelings as I experience art. The difference may be that in design there is possibly a filter of usability, but it is far from everything that is designed with usability as a goal.

Although not everyone likes art, I do not think anyone would like a society without art. How boring it would be!

Perhaps it is as the Swedish artist Ernst Billgren says: ”Art is what makes us human” because it is very rare to see animals performing art. But what if animals have their own art that we humans cannot see? 😊 Just as I think animals neither see nor appreciate human art.

When you ask the question of what art is, it is at the same time the question of what an artist is?

I call myself an artist and I call what I create art. To me, my own art is something that I create to interpret feelings, behaviors and relationships of humans. I want to give joy, I want to marvel, I want people to contemplate, I want to make them think new thoughts.

To me, art is about something that primarily speaks directly to your feelings. Art is a language of its own, which can not always be translated easily into ordinary words.

What is art to you?

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