9: Into the Forest

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Into the Forest is one of the most amazing collaborations I have ever heard of. Polymer clay artists Laura Tabakman, Emily Squires Levine and Julie Eakes got inspired by the aspen trees in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado when they came together at a polymer clay retreat. They collaborated on a project inspired by the forest.

Eventually, and fueled by the power of these women, the project grew. A couple of years later these three enthusiasts found themselves in the Spinning Plate Gallery in Pittsburgh, putting together entries from more than 300 contributors from 27 countries all over the world, including 37 states in the United States.

By this very hard work, these amazing artists have done something incredible: They have unified the global polymer clay community in a way never done before and at the same time exposed this versatile medium to a wide audience.

Of course I also participated. And of course with a set of horses. Leaf horses…










This is a December calendar with brief views in alphabetical order throughout advent, over Christmas and until New Year’s Eve. Every day is a new word. But today there are three words, because this collaboration is so unique and fantastic.
I am very interested in your thoughts on these subjects. Please share them in the comments field below. <3

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