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6: Fear

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This is a December calendar with brief views in alphabetical order throughout advent, over Christmas and until New Year’s Eve. Every day is a new word.
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As an artist you are always curious about a lot of things. But you are also carrying a lot of fear about what other people will think about you. So you think you’re an artist? You are afraid because you have to show your things to other people (at least if you want to sell something).

The truth is that you can never know in advance whether people will like or dislike the objects that you have spent so many hours and so much effort creating. Will they understand what you are trying to convey or will they laugh at you, thinking that your creations just are strange? My experience is that most people are honestly impressed with all people that are trying to be creative, because art is so important in our society.

I have created a lot of horse sculptures. Some people like them, some are not interested at all and very few people dislike them. That’s the way it is. It is very hard to know what people will like and what they will dislike.

Sometimes I have sculptures that I almost am ashamed of, because I do not think that they are good enough – and to my astonishment people LOVE them and wonder why I haven’t made more of them!

I also have sculptures that I love myself and that I have put sooo much work and love into. It’s like people do not see them at all. I even lift them up and present them clearly, really marketing them, but people just pass by with questioning eyes: ”Why should I want to have something like that?”

So – what you like/love and what your audience likes/loves are not necessary the same things. But I have made an agreement with myself: Never think about what people will think about your creations while you are creating. Always be true to yourself and your own inspiration and creativity. What other people think and experience are their responsibility, not yours. Your responsibility is to be creative and constantly develop as an artist.

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