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5: Emotions

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This is a December calendar with brief views in alphabetical order throughout advent, over Christmas and until New Year’s Eve. Every day is a new word.
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You could also call it reactions. The emotion is a kind of psychological response to what you see or experience – or what you expect to happen. Your emotions may be positive or negative.

When I create my Mosebacke Horse sculptures I think a lot about emotions. When I am creating a portrait of a loved horse to its owner I want to express love, trust and fellowship.

Creating a horse sculpture right out of my own fantasy may deal with other kinds of emotions – it may be fear, curiosity, danger, happiness, love, solitude, friendship.

When you create you must also understand that you are dealing with at least two kinds of emotions: Firstly the emotion that the horse sculpture itself expresses – and secondly the emotions that the person watching the sculpture experiences. They may – or may not – be the same.

I use a lot of what I call dimensions in my sculptures to express these emotions. It may be angles that can be sharp or blunt. It may be colors that are soft or dramatic, that are close to eachother or very different. It may be the posture that shows what the horse is thinking – does it feel safe or is it scared? It may be the proportions – are they natural or have I enhanced some part(s) of the horse?

Most important is the face because it says so much. Almost all persons search for the eyes first. Only after that they examine the rest of the sculpture in order to find out if they like it or not.

What kind of emotions do you experience by art? Which are your favorite emotions brought to you by art?

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