FIMO Symposium 2017 – Workshops with Cecilia Leonini and Monica Resta

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Today I went to two workshops that created many new thoughts and ideas. To me, it is not just about the techniques shown in the workshops, but it is also about the possibilities and impossibilities I see with the techniques, and you also learn a lot and get insoiration by how the other course participants take on the tasks. Even though we work with the same tasks, the results are completely different – and maybe that’s what art really is? 😊

FIMO_04Cecilia Leonini – Paplito’s technique
During this workshop we worked on creating different types of patterns using alcohol inks and soft pastels. It was fascinating to follow how the effects evolved over time. The others in the group combined their patterns into very beautiful jewelry, but I was pleased to photograph my patterns as inspiration I will use in the future for some kind of pretty wild horses.

FIMO_03Monica Resta – Canvas Technique
Monica has worked with polymer clay for an extremely long time. It is she who has the YouTube channel Mo Clay where you can find lots of tutorials on different techniques. Today we used permanent pencils and aquarell crayons on canvas, which we transferred to white clay. As usual, the others created stunning jewelry and I just saved inspiration and trying to figure out how to use it for future horse projects.

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    | Svara

    Thank you my dear! it was a pleasure to meet you … and I tell you that you infected me Lol 🙂 Now I’m trying to make some green strands of hair 🙂 You’re beautiful and it was so much fun to be beside you. Hugs! monica

  2. EvaMarie
    | Svara

    Oh Monica! Thank you for your kind words! It was so nice to get to know you – and we laughed a lot! 🙂 My inner eye can see you with green hair strands… it suites you!

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