You have to be very careful with the head of a strange horse

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hollow_06As the Hollow Horse will be a quite strange horse, it is important that he head is quite natural. Here you can see it almost half finished – yet I haven’t made any ears and the mane is also still missing. It takes a lot of time, several hours, to carefully make all the tiny details look like I want them to. I am trying to make it with an expression like the horse is a little bit sad, like horses often look. Although, I do not think that they really are sad, they are just calm and relaxed, kblnowing that they are horses and that is good.

The next picture shows the base that the Hollow Horse will be placed at. It is made with the same kind of surface as the Balancing Foal and the Sleeping Wave. It is made of silver sheet metal colored with alcohol ink and covered by translucent clay. I have made the texture stonelike with the help of a real stone.

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