What’s in a horse?

askkopp_05 askkopp_04My idea is to show the glow inside a horse. I want to create something that gives the impression of heat, like lava from a vulcano, but it should stay inside the horse. I also want to work with strong contrasts between warm colors like yellow/red and black. I want the horse to express power and intensity. And at the same time look cool.

This is how I try to make it work:

As you can see the horse is created in black clay from the beginning, so there I have the black. Now I make a skinner blend from yellow to red. I cut it even and put it on a thin sheet of black clay.

I also make a thin sheet of pure red. With this red sheet I cover the back of the horse. Then I take the skinner blend with black to form like a crater following the upper form of the horse.

In my next blog post you will see how it turned out.

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