Transferring the Kurbits pattern to the Depressed Dala Horse

dala_12 Dala_13 dala_14Now, when I was ready with the Kurbits pattern, it was time to cautiously transfer it to the body I previously had created for the depressed Dala horse.

I was very careful to center the pattern over the Dala horse’s spine. The fact is, that you can change a lot in a horse when you interpret it in the form of art, but one thing you can never change, is the line that shows where the spine is.

I then cut tabs in the thin layer of clay and began to shape it around the horse. Then I smoothed out the clay so that it covered the entire body. Now the Depressed Dala Horse is almost finished, as you can see in the last photo.

But there is more. Now you’ll soon be able to follow how I worked with the friend if the depressed dala horse – the cheerful and mischievous Dala horse. Can you guess what it will be up to?

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